Waterjet 60K Intensifier Pump Seals Manufacturers and Wholesale in China

Yoson manufactures spare parts for waterjet equipment manufacturers worldwide to solve your sealing problems and improve the operational performance of your equipment.

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    Flow Waterjet 60K ESL Intensifier Pump High Pressure Seals Supplier

    Yoson manufactures parts for waterjet equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our special steel materials, which have long been competent for various high-pressure and complex working environments, are equal to the quality of major brands in all aspects of performance.

    Our ultra-precision CNC machining equipment and high-tech image measuring instruments will produce precise size parts for you.

    Waterjet accessories: high-pressure seal assembly specifications: [22.2MM inner diameter]

    The high-pressure water seal assembly is a mechanism to prevent the working medium from leaking (internal and external leakage) and to prevent external impurities (such as air, dust, water, etc.) from entering the hydraulic components and hydraulic system.

    The high-pressure water seal is an axial lip seal made by excellent technology, which can be installed directly on the shaft with the contact surface, cavity, seal housing, and other surfaces.

    The water seal relies on the body of its holding force on the journal so that it is fixed on the journal of the rotating shaft, while using the tip of its curved around the performance of the urgent force of the seal constitutes a sealing vice, so as to prevent water and impurities in the process of equipment operation into the rotating lubrication seal body, in order to protect the normal work of the rotating shaft lubrication seal device requirements.

    Product characteristics: wear-resistant, long life, can be applied to a variety of harsh high-pressure working environments. The product has a smooth appearance, high finish, and good roundness to ensure its durability, and reduce maintenance frequency and maintenance costs.

    Suitable for use in the high-pressure cylinder of all major brands of ultra-high-pressure waterjet superchargers.


    A-11275 Flow Waterjet Pump Parts 94k Spring Energized Rod Seal Accustream 1-12340

    Diameter is 22x29x5.8 mm.


    A-11275 Waterjet Pump Parts 94k Spring Energized Rod Seal Solvent Resistance

    Flow part# A-11275

    Accustream Spring-energized Rod Seal – Part# 1-12340

    Categories: 60k Pump Parts, 94k Pump Parts, Insta 2 Valve Parts

    Diameter is 22x29x9 mm

    Replaces: HP Seal Kit for 60K Intensifier Pump
    Flow Part:001198-1
    IWP Part:F300-K0012-0000
    H2O Jet Part:302004-1
    Barton Part:WF030055

    تشمل هذه المجموعة:
    Quantity            OEM Part#                        Description
    4 pcs              004406-1                      HP Seal, .875 ID
    4 pcs              004407-1                       Hoop, .875 ID
    4 pcs             B-8075-119                           O-Ring
    2 pcs             B-1465-1                       Bronze Backups

    The high-pressure water seal group is made of composite material after precision processing of a high-pressure water seal ring, which can easily handle the working environment of 380Mpa, high pressure-bearing, good sealing performance, wear resistance, and easy maintenance.

    Waterjet high-pressure seal assembly is for ultra-high pressure water jet equipment specially customized products, using raw materials imported ultra-high polymer wear-resistant materials, after full computer numerical control processing, the iron ring is made of stainless steel, the surface after a special process, O-ring using imported polyurethane, to ensure that the product wear-resistant seal, extended life.

    The working life of 500 hours or more.

    Strong corrosion resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, suitable for a variety of fluids, stable performance, easy to disassemble, and maintenance.

    A-11275 Flow Waterjet Pump Parts 94k Spring Energized Rod Seal Accustream 1-12340 (1)

    A-11275 Flow Waterjet Pump Parts 94k Spring Energized Rod Seal Accustream 1-12340

    WaterJet Spare Flow Parts 001198-1 HP Seal Accustream 1-11135 (1)WaterJet Spare Flow Parts 001198-1 HP Seal Accustream 1-11135 (2)

    Yoson welcomes custom-made high-pressure waterjet seals, this normal temperature-resistant rubber wear-resistant waterjet seal is highly flexible and can match various waterjet cutting platforms in the market.

    If you have any questions or want to buy it, please feel free to contact us.

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